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  • Electrolyte Analyzer DEA-A100

Electrolyte Analyzer DEA-A100

Electrolyte analyzer has been developed with our accumulated experience in analytical instrument. It is the laboratory standard for determinations of lead, nickel, copper, zinc, antimony, cadmium and other metals by electro-deposition process.
ElectrodesK+(0.50-10.00 mmol/L), Na+(30.00-200.0 mmol/L),
Cl-(30.00-200.0 mmol/L)
Sample size120µL
Sample rate60 test/hr
Environment requirementsTemperature 18~35ºC, Humidity ≤85%
Display128mm×64mm back-illuminated LCD
Power supply110/220V + 10%,50/60 Hz
Weight8.0 kg
  • Ion selective electrode is used
  • Consists of RS232 interface helps in connection to external equipment
  • Storage of samples is more than 2000 with QC data
  • Consists of Thermal printer and adjustment of languages
It is used for high precision applications in chemistry, medical research laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries and other production environments.

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