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  • Electrolyte Analyzer DEA-A101

Electrolyte Analyzer DEA-A101

Electrolyte Analyzer LEA-A101 series has a standard selective electrodes for the measurement of potassium, sodium, chlorine, calcium and pH. It can interface via RS232 and can be easily maintained.
ElectrodesK+(0.50-10.00 mmol/L), Na+(30.00-200.0 mmol/L),
Cl-(30.00-200.0 mmol/L), Ca2+(0.10-5.00mmol/L), pH
Sample size120µL
Sample rate60 test/hr
Environment requirementsTemperature 18~35ºC, Humidity ≤85%
Display128mm×64mm back-illuminated LCD
Power supply110/220V + 10%,50/60 Hz
Weight8.0 kg
  • Ion selective electrode is used
  • Consists of RS232 interface helps in connection to external equipment
  • Storage of samples is more than 2000 with QC data
  • Consists of Thermal printer and adjustment of languages
It is used for high precision applications in chemistry, medical research laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries and other production environments.

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