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  • Auto Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer DNA-A100

Auto Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer DNA-A100

Kjeldahl Auto Analyzer DNA-A100 gives a wide range of sample analysis 0-100mgN with automatic mode of operation. This model is designed for rapid analysis.
Range of Analysis : 0-100 mg N which is with 3 degrees 1st: 0-2mg / L; 2rd:
2-10mg / L; 3nd: 10- 100mg / L
Indication Deviation : 1st: 0-2mg / L, ± 5% 2-3 degrees: 2-100mg / L ± 1%
Repeatability : 1st: 0-2mg / L ± 5% 2-3 degrees: 2-100mg / L ± 1%
Sample analysis time : 4-6min
Mode of Sample Injection : Peristaltic pump
Capacity of auto feeder/Auto sampler : 20sets/40 sets/60 sets
Digestive tube auto waste discharge : Yes
Working Voltage : AC220V/50Hz
Heating Power : 100W
Host structure : With a maintenance door
Auto cleaning system : Yes
Dimensions : 400×360×730mm
  • Automatic Operation System
  • Multifunctional programming with 7-inch color touch screen and interactive mode of operation
  • Quick analysis Leakage protection Corrosion resistance Over temperature protection system
  • Wide range of calibration
It is widely used in food processing, tobacco, environmental monitoring, medicine, and agriculture research to test nitrogen or protein content in the sample.

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