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  • Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LHA-B10

Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LHA-B10

Model of Labtron Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LHA-B series is superior quality, highly efficient autoclave that allows complete sterilization of media, liquids and waste to be discarded.
Capacity : 150L
Sterilization Temperature : 134°C
Sterilization Pressure : 0.22 Mpa
Timer Range : 0-60 minutes
Heat Average : ≤±1℃
Chamber Dimension (mm)(Φ×D) : 440×1000 
Product Dimension(mm) (L×W×H) : 1400*600*1300
Net Weight (Kgs) : 240
Gross Weight (Kgs) : 320
Power Supply : 9KW/AC380V 50Hz
  • Door closes automatically once the system reaches the pressure of 0027MPa
  • In case of emergency opening the system gets auto off and open the chamber
  • Auto protection against over temperature and pressure
  • Auto power cut in case of water shortage
  • Maximum working temperature and pressure is 134C and 023 MPa
It is suitable for medical, laboratory, microbiological, clinical use and to sterile the waste before discarding.

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