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  • Tabletop Laboratory Autoclave LTTA-D11

Tabletop Laboratory Autoclave LTTA-D11

This equipment comply Class N European standard with a capacity of 24 Liters, rapid, fully automated computer controlled system that assures high-performance, safety and precise autoclaving outcome.
Capacity : 24L
Sterilization Temperature : 134°C
Sterilization Pressure : 0.22 Mpa
Timer Range : 0-99 Minutes
Heat Average : ≤±1℃
Chamber Dimension (mm)(Φ×D) : 250×520
Net Weight (Kgs) : 44
Gross Weight (Kgs) : 50
Power Supply : 1.5KW/AC220V 50Hz
  • Quick sterilization within 4-6 minutes
  • Digital display with touch keypad which displays working status
  • Made up of high quality SUS304 stainless steel with three stainless steel sterilizing plates
  • Uses electric heating system
  • Automatic shut down with beep sound as sterilization completes
  • Emergency power control switch is provided for safety
  • Can automatically exhaust the cold air prior to sterilization
  • safe protection against water shortage
  • User friendly with safe door locking system
  • Drying option is available
This product has its application in medical, clinical and drug testing research and also in hospitals, cosmetic salons & tattoo parlours.

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