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  • Vertical Laboratory Autoclave LVA-E10

Vertical Laboratory Autoclave LVA-E10

Model of Labtron Vertical Laboratory Autoclave LVA-E series is a top loading sterilizer which provides safe, economic and effective sterilization of laboratory instruments. It is equipped with user friendly control panel.
Capacity : 35L
Sterilization Temperature : 134°C
Sterilization Pressure : 0.22 Mpa
Timer Range : 0-999 min
Heat Average : ≤±1℃
Chamber Dimension (mm)(Φ×D) : 280×500
Product Dimension(mm) (L×W×H) : 480×480×940
Net Weight (Kgs) : 40
Gross Weight (Kgs) : 52
Power Supply : AC220V 50Hz/2.5KW
  • Micro-computer controlled system with LCD screen to display sterilization temperature and time dynamics
  • Automatic system for water feeding increasing temperature sterilization exhausting air and drying
  • Designed with horizontal sliding door with safety interlock device which do not allow door to open until there is no pressure in the chamber
  • Glass reinforced plastics cover prevents the operator to get hurt
  • Temperature can be adjusted from 105-134C
  • Safety against over temperature pressure and electric leakage
  • Made up of SUS304 stainless steel with in-built water tank
  • Equipped with silicon rubber seal to prevent steam leakage and safety alarm
This product finds applications in: Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medicine and Health care Industry, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Scientific Research.

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