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  • H2O2 Plasma Autoclave QPH-A101

H2O2 Plasma Autoclave QPH-A101

H2O2 is used as sterilizing agent, it heQPH to keep the environment sterile and septic.it is widely used in CSSD or medical laboratories for optical glasses, power equipment and batteries, endoscopes, catheter and heat sensitive instruments.

Power supply : 380V,50Hz
External dimension : 990×760×1600 mm
Volume : 135L
Chamber dimension : 750×450×400 mm
packing dimension : 1250×1019×1918 mm
Net weight : 460kg
Power consumption : 3.8kW
  • The sterilization temperature is 505C which is much lower than steam sterilization It is dry sterilization that do not harm instrument hence the service life is maintained
  • The matter after sterilization is water and oxygen molecule that have no toxic harm to staff or patient The H2O2 filter is installed so there is no pollution to the environment
  • The system is operated with intelligent program design also operated by foot switc
  • The door structure is customizable single or double door also with reliable sealing function and safe lock The chamber is made with medical grade stainless steel
  • The storage optional of 2048MB is available Mini printer can be use
  • Vacuum pump controller pressure transmitter and multiple programs and bar code identification system can be available

Specifically used to sterilize the medical instruments that are thermo-liable or non-moisture content. It cannot be used for sterilization of liquid, powder or cotton fabrics.


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