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Auto Biochemistry Analyzer QBT-A103

It is fully automatic biochemistry analyser which performs at the analysis method rate of end point and fixed time. It includes holding capacity of 60 samples position, combined with liquid level sensors, accuracy of sampling, and quality control. Analyze minimal volume 180 µl ultra-trace reaction solution.
TypeFully automatic, Bench-top, Discrete
Power supply110/220V+10% , 60/50Hz
Net weight130 kg
Gross Weight185 kg
Analysis MethodEnd-point, Fixed-time, Rate
CertificationCE, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485
SoftwareWindows7/8/10 or above, LIS system available
Sample Position60 sample positions, including calibration, quality control
and emergency
Reagent PositionPosition at 45 low-temperature of refrigerated reagent
System Adjustmentrecords the blank value and gives more accurate result for
each cuvette after deducting blank base value
Reagent Volume20~350µl (1µl stepping)
Sample Volume2µl ~70µl (0.1µl stepping)
Optical path length6 mm
Temperature control37℃±0.1℃ with online software monitor
Light source12V/30W halogen-tungsten lamp, 2000 hours
Wavelength Range340,405,450,510,546,578,630,700mm
Linear Range0.000~2.500Abs
Receiver8 precision photo receivers
Calibrationone-point, two-point, multi-point, factor
External Size(WxDxH)1020 mm x 830 mm x 1200 mm
Package Size(WxDxH)1168 x 908 x1288mm
AccessoriesSample cup, Cuvettes, Sample Probe, Reagent Probe, Mixer
Probe, Halogen lamp, Fuse wire
  • 120 reusable reaction cuvettes
  • Continuous cooling at 2C8C within 24 hours
  • Maximum analyses 45 items at the same time
  • Analyzer contains self-detection function gives accurate result
  • Detection is done in whole reaction process using reaction curve
  • Convenient to monitor and scientifically analyze the detection data
  • Perfect management of quality control and clinical test measures
  • Supports different reagents of different brands
  • Mixer probe blends immediately after adding reagent and sample
  • It has reversed optics and imported photo sensor resuQTS in clear detection precision
  • Implementing analysis of 180 ul ultra-trace reaction solution save more reagents
  • 24 hour endless working functionally convenient at random inserting samples
  • Automatic washing interior and exterior including cuvette washing after testing
  • Automatic probe cleaning inside and outside with liquid level sensor anti-collision function
  • Supports software easy to learn and use can print test report
  • Instrument support software implementation and function the detected reagent through liquid level induction of reagent probe
It is used to detect concentrations of chemical substances in a biological process, pharmaceutical industries and in medical field.

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