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  • Auto Biochemistry Analyzer QBT-A104

Auto Biochemistry Analyzer QBT-A104

Laboquest QBT-A104 Biochemistry analyzer is a bench-top, fully automatic analyser which performs at the analysis method rate of end point and fixed time, rate. It includes holding capacity of 60/90 samples position, combined with liquid level sensors, accuracy of sampling, and quality control methods. This series provide maximum analysis of 45 items at the same programmable time.
Type : Fully automatic, Bench-top, Discrete
Power supply : 110/220V+10% , 60/50Hz
Gross Weight : 230 kg
Throughput : 400T/H
Analysis Method : End-point, Fixed-time, Rate
Certification : CE, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485
Software : Windows7/8/10 or above, LIS system available
Sample Position : 60/90 sample positions, including calibration, quality
control and emergency
Reagent Position : R1:45, R2:45 total 90 refrigerated reagent position
System Adjustment : records the blank value and gives more accurate result for
each cuvette after deducting blank base value
Reagent Volume : 20~350µl (1µl stepping)
Sample Volume : 2µl ~70µl (0.1µl stepping)
Optical path length : 6 mm
Temperature control : 37℃±0.1℃ with online software monitor
Light source : 12V/30W halogen-tungsten lamp, 2000 hours
Wavelength Range : 340,405,450,510,546,578,630,700mm
Linear Range : 0.000~2.500Abs
Receiver : 8 precision photo receivers
Calibration : one-point, two-point, multi-point, factor
External Size(WxDxH) : 1020 mm x 830 mm x 1200mm
Package Size(WxDxH) : 1168 x 908 x1288mm
Accessories : Sample cup, Cuvettes, Sample Probe, Reagent Probe, Mixer
Probe, Halogen lamp, Fuse wire
  • Fully automated discrete random access
  • 120 reusable reaction cuvettes
  • Continuous cooling at 2C8C within 24 hours
  • Maximum analyses 45 items at the same time
  • Can refrigerate reagent sample trays
  • Involve liquid level induction function
  • Handy software with online time show can monitor whole testing easy
  • 24 hour endless working functionally convenient at random inserting samples
  • Automatic washing interior and exterior including cuvette washing after testing
  • Mixer probe blends immediately after adding reagent and sample
  • Sample and Reagent probe involve liquid level sensor with anti-collision function
  • Emergency sample can be pQACed in the sample tray at any time
  • Supports different reagents of different brands
  • Reversed optics and stable photo sensor make sure the precision of resuQTS
  • Perfect management of quality control and clinical test measures
It is used to detect concentrations of chemical substances in a biological process, pharmaceutical industries and in medical field.

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