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  • Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer QBT-A100

Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer QBT-A100

We offer a high performance biochemistry analyzer detects all the possible parameters through the programmed tests. It can analyse absorbance, linear concentration, non-linear concentration, end point kinetic, fixed time, and two point kinetic. This compact, bench-top model has 8 membrane filters with separate circuit for each wavelength.
Power supply : 110/220V+10% , 60/50Hz  70W
Net weight : 13 kg
Gross Weight : 15 kg
Analysis Method : Kinetics (end point, two point) etc
Program : 200 test programmes can be saved
Precision : Error<1%, drift<5mAbs/hr
Temperature control : PELTIER elements, 25,30,37 0.1±˚C
Working Environment temperature : 0˚C-40˚C
Accuracy : ±2nm
Test error : <1%, CV<3%
Abs range : -2.500—2.5Abs, resolution:0.001Abs
Humidity : 5-80%
Printer : 58mm thermal printer
Keyboard : Touch keyboard 24 keys
Light source : 20W/12V halogen light, life time: 2000hr
Flow cell : Titanium quartz alloy: 33uL; optical diameter: 10mm
Membrane filter : 8 hard membrane filter: 340, 380, 405, 492, 510,
Dimension (WxDxH) : 460x380x200 mm
Accessories : Halogen lamp, Flow cell, Fuse wire, Cleaning fluid
Optical length : 340-800nm
  • Back-light LCD display
  • Standard RS232 serial interface
  • Analyse low contamination of dust and dampness
  • Reasonable software with Clock CMOS inserted chip
  • 200 test programmes and 10000 patients test data saved
  • Thermal printer with no noise high speed easy maintenance
  • Biochemical programmable test menu with self-test program
  • Filters processes electronically and has no mechanical movements
  • Contains Back spectrophotometry with long life eight hard membrane filter and has separate signal process circuit for each wavelength
  • Designed with Hermetic solid-state optical system titanium alloy flow cell with small capacity and mini cross-contamination
It is used to detect concentrations of chemical substances in a biological process, pharmaceutical industries and in medical field.

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