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  • Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer QBT-A101

Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer QBT-A101

QBT-A101 model is a compactly designed, advanced clinical analyzer ideal for small to medium sized laboratories for reliable and accurate reporting. It’s more efficient open system and can analyze absorbance, linear concentration, end point kinetic, fixed time, non-linear concentration and two point kinetic. Additionally, it’s of high performance analyzer uses real time curve monitor to increase the reliability of result.
Display : 240 x 128 LCD
Power supply : 110/220V+10% , 60/50Hz
Net weight : 9.0 kg
Analysis Method : Kinetics( End point), Fixed time etc
Linearity range : 0.000-3.000Abs
Program : 100 test programmes can be saved
Band width : ≤8nm
Cross contamination rate : ≤1%
Temperature control : 25℃,30℃,37℃, ±0.1℃ , PELITER element
Aspiration volume : 200-1400µl
Language : English or any language on request
Output : Built-in printer, RS232 for additional PC
Light source : 6V/10W Halogen Lamp, life Span>3000 hours
Flow cell : 32µl; Optical diameter: 1cm
Standard filter : 340, 405, 505, 546, 578, 620, 670nm and one free position
Dimension (WxDxH) : 430x320x220 mm
Accessories : Lamp, Peristaltic pipe, Flow cell, Optical path, Pump, Fuse,
Thermal paper
  • With Stream line design and attractive appearance
  • Self-calibration and facilitate tracking by date
  • Store memory for 100 programs and resuQTS into 20000 test
  • Includes open system both of programming and reagent
  • Warning tone for finished sipping and trouble alarm function is provided
  • Function sketches on main menu updated software easy and fast operation
  • Real time curve monitoring enhances the reliability of result
  • Instrument measures Quality control analysis display available result
It is used to detect concentrations of chemical substances in a biological process, pharmaceutical industries and in medical field.

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