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  • Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator LWJI-A13

Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator LWJI-A13

Model LWJI-A13 delivers a large capacity of 324 Litres, to provide good level of performance for cell culturing icluding water jacket that is necessary for temperature uniformity and CO2 gas control.
Capacity : 324 Litres
Jacket Type : Water Jacketed
Temperature Range : Ambient +5°C to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy : ± 0.2 at 37°C
CO2 Range : 0 to 20%
CO2 Accuracy : ± 0.1% at 37°C
Circulation : Circulation Fan
Sensor : Digital NDIR Sensor
Device Safety : Over Temperature safety, Leakage breaker & Alarm Function
Internal Dimension : 600x600x900mm
Overall Dimension : 750x745x1250mm
Weight : 185 kg
Power Supply : AC 220V, 50/60Hz
  • Capacity 324 Litres
  • With Water jacket
  • PID controller microprocessorProgrammable controller
  • LED Display
  • Timer alarm auto tuning over temperature and current protection system for user safety
  • Tempered safety glass with magnetic packing
  • Stainless steel and powder coated steel plate body
  • Auto temperature compensation and auto sensor calibration
Series LWJI-A from Labtron is widely used for a broad range of applications that includes Tissue engineering, In vitro fertilization,Neuroscience,Cancer research, Stem cell research, Regenerative medicine, Mammalian cell research.

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