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  • Water-jacketed Incubator LWJI-B12

Water-jacketed Incubator LWJI-B12

Our water-jacket incubators provide a precisely controlled, accurate and uniform environment throughput the culturing process. These are user friendly designs with inner glass door for easy operations.
Chamber Volume : 160L
Shelves : 2(pcs)
Display Resolution : 0.1℃
Heating Method : Water Temperature
Temperature Range : RT+5~65℃
Ambient Temperature : +5~35℃
Timing Range : 1~9999min
Interior Dimension(W×D×H, mm) : 500×500×650
Exterior Dimension(W×D×H, mm) : 650×640×950
Power Consumption : 850W
Power : 220V 50HZ
  • Microprocessor-based PID controller with timing function
  • Equipped with inner glass door for easy operation
  • Separate temperature-limiting alarm system for safe usage
  • Options such as Printer connector and RS485 connector are available to connect printer and computer for data recording Optional
These Water-jacket incubators has applications in scientific research field for cell cultivation, seedling, etc.

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