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  • Biosafety cabinet Class II A2  LBS2-A10

Biosafety cabinet Class II A2 LBS2-A10

Labtron manufactures biosafety cabinet class II A2 which provide effective containment for lab workers working with human pathogens.
Cleanliness : HEPA:ISO5(Class 100)/ULPA: ISO4(Class 10)
Filtration Efficiency : HEPA:>=99.995%,@0.3 μm /ULPA:>=99.999%,@0.12 μm
Downflow Velocity : 0.33m/s
Inflow Velocity : 0.55m/s
Air Direction : Top out
Operator Protection : a. Total colony in impaction sampler <=10CFU./time b.Total
colony in slot sampler <= 5CFU./time
Product Protection : Total colony in culture dish <=5CFU./time
Cross Contamination : Total colony in cultere dish <=2CFU./time
Noise : ≤60dB(A)
Work Dimension : 1300*600*640mm
Overall Dimension : 1500*815*2270mm
Power Supply : ~220V,50Hz
Power (With Spare socket) : 2.5kw
Weight : 300kg
  • Vertically designed laminar airflow with 70 air circulation and 30 air exhaust
  • Attached with leakage free HEPA and ULPA filter
  • Vertical sliding view screen with suspended lifting system
  • 5mm thick safety glass with photoelectric alarm for door and light
  • Free air return mode in the front suction channel
  • LCD touch control panel with anti-splash safety socked and junction valve
  • Equipped with flow indicator with warning
  • Smart auto-supply system ensures safety by changing the air volume to less than 10 when the resistance of filter increases by 50
Series of LBS2-A is used best in biotechnology, microbiology & life science, R & D, pharmaceutical, environmental industries.

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