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  • Biosafety Cabinet Class II A2 QBL-B201

Biosafety Cabinet Class II A2 QBL-B201

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet is A2 type gives protection to operator, sample and environment. It is suitable for working with microbiological research in the absence of volatile or toxic chemicals and radionuclide.

Display : LCD display
Accessories : Standard:Fluorescent lamp, UV lamp , Base stand, SS 
water & gas taps,Drain valve, Waterproof sockets, Sta
inless Steel I.V. Bar with 10 hooks,
Optional:Armrest, Airflow tester, Formalin fumigation s
terilizer,Infrared sterilizer, Adjustable base stand, R
emote control
Power Supply : AC220/110V±10%, 50/60Hz ±1Hz
Gross Weight : 334kg
Illumination : ≥1000Lux
Socket : 2(waterproof), Total consumption:≤500W
UV Lamp : 30W
Down Flow Velocity : 64%:868m3/h(498cfm)
Inflow Velocity : 465m3/h (275cfm)
Tested Opening : Safety height 200mm (8’’)
Max Opening : 550mm (22’’)
Front Window : Motorized, Two-layer laminated toughened glass ≥5mm 
,Anti UV
Power Consumption : 400W
Ground Resistance : ≤ 0.10Ω
Motor : One ECM motor, 110V& 220V acceptable, Speed adjustabl
e,high efficiency and low power consumption
External Size(WxDxH) : 1383x775x2295mm
Internal Size(WxDxH) : 1210x660x660mm
Airflow System : 70% air recirculation, 30% air exhaust
HEPA Filter : Two, 99.999% efficiency at 0.3um, filter life indicat
Work surface Height : 750mm
  • Large LCD display microprocessor control
  • Adjustable auto-air speed with filter block
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Side amp back wall is of stainless steel with 45deg corner
  • NSF49 certified Biological Safety Cabinet control
  • Work zone made up of 304 stainless steel surrounded by negative pressure
  • Front 10deg slanted to offer operator comfort
  • Germicidal UV lamp Emission of 2537 nanometres
  • Interlock function Alarm function

This is used best in biotechnology, microbiology & life science, R&D, pharmaceutical, environmental industries.

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