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  • High speed centrifuge LHS-B10

High speed centrifuge LHS-B10

We deliver a good quality high speed portable centrifuge with maximum speed of 20,000 rpm that assures specific separation, purification and extractions from animals and plant cells.
Max. speed : 20000rpm
Max. RCF : 26600xg
Max. Capacity : 6×100ml
Speed accuracy : ±50r/min
Timer range : 1~99min
Noise : ≤65dBA
Weight : 42kg
power supply : AC110/220V, 50-60HZ,10A
Dimension (HxWxD) : 515×370×320mm
  • 3 tiers protective steel covering to ensure safety
  • Microprocessor controlled system with digital display
  • Easy and fast loading
  • Auto-electric locking system provides protection against imbalances over speed and over temperature
  • Pollution free and requires low maintenance
  • With brushless DC motor it requires low maintenance
  • User can set 10 programs
  • Made up of high quality steel
It is widely used in the field of animal and plant molecular biology. It is suitable for separating chemical substances from cell and purifying the microorganisms and sub-cellular components etc

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