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  • Industrial Centrifuge LIC-A10

Industrial Centrifuge LIC-A10

Series of Industrial Centrifuge LIC-A is best used for applications where a continuous process or very large sample quantity is required. This centrifuge allows rapid and reliable and efficient separation of huge volume of suspensions.
Maximum RPM : 15,000 rpm
Maximum RCF : 15,800xg
Maximum Capacity : 2,200 L/hr
Bowl Capacity : 9 L
Temperature Control : Non-refrigerated
Overall Dimension : 500x845x1550 mm
Power : 3700 W
Weight : 600 kg
  • With maximum rotation speed of 15000 rpm
  • LCD touch screen
  • Efficient concentration of solid substance in its intact shape
  • Enhanced safety with 4 door locks
  • High recovery of sludge
  • Gold metallic coating on the body makes it shock proof
  • Easy loading and unloading of suspensions
  • Simple operation
  • Automatic dispensing of solid substance on the Teflon sheet
  • Special triangular impeller
  • Low vibration and compact size for easy installation
Labtron Industrial Centrifuge LIC-A Series can be used in areas such as Pharmaceutical Industry, Food and Dairy Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Chemical Industry, Biotechnology and Dyeing Industry.

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