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  • Crude oil test low speed centrifuge LLS-A20

Crude oil test low speed centrifuge LLS-A20

We provide a high quality Crude Oil Test Centrifuge that can be used in research, laboratories and educational institutes as it is noiseless, eco-friendly and very precise in separation of oil from water and other impurities.
Max. speed : 4000rpm
Max. RCF : 2498×g
Max. Capacity : 4x100ml
Timer range : 1~99min
Temp. Range : (+)10~80℃
Speed accuracy : ±20rpm
Noise : ≤60dBA
Weight : 67kg
Dimension (HxWxD) : 685×500×405mm
  • Microprocessor controlled system with LCD display
  • Equipped with stainless steel chamber
  • Electric lid lock system ensures safety
  • Band heater ensures quick heating
  • Temperature control function helps in maintaining uniform temperature
  • Low noise brushless motor improves stability
It is used to determine sediments and water content in crude oil, fuel oils and biodiesel.

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