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  • Cream Centrifuge QCM-A101

Cream Centrifuge QCM-A101

Cream Centrifuge QCM-A101 machines work with accuracy and smoothness on centrifugal force in compliance with set industrial and hygienic standard. The raw material used for these equipment is of high quality and acclaimed for corrosion resistance, durability and high strength.

PowerAC220V 50HZ 10A
Timer range0~99min
Dimension (L×W×H)530×420×350mm
Operation way of the RotorAngle Rotor
Centrifugal tube Number8 Gerber’s Milk Fat Meter
  • Longer service lifebr
  • User friendly operationbr
  • High performance and accuracybr
  • Optimum efficiencyp

Cream Centrifuge QCM-A101 equipment most probably used for analysing cream and cream product .It is also widely used in fields like dairy and food industries, medicine, and chemical industries

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