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  • High Speed Centrifuge DMH-A102

High Speed Centrifuge DMH-A102

Introducing DMH-A102 table top centrifuge incorporated with advance technology, has high speed of 16000 rpm. Equipped with microprocessor controller, with less frequency noise applicable in laboratories.
Max. Speed : 16000 rpm
Max. RCF : 17800×g
Time Range : 0 ~ 99 min
Noise : ≤52dB
Weight (excluding rotors) : 26 kg
Dimension(L×W×H) : 340×545×275 mm
  • Max Speed 16000 rpm
  • Speed can be set Max RCF at 17800 g
  • Large digital display with touching panel
  • Rotor model with brushless motor safe and reliable
  • Wide variety of rotors with high separating efficiency
  • Equipped with microprocessor controller
  • Easy to set and handle
  • Low frequency noise 52dB
  • Involve safety measures
It is widely used in separating small samples in biochemistry, medicine and scientific research laboratories.

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