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  • Cold Storage Room LCSR-ULSA

Cold Storage Room LCSR-ULSA

The cold storage room provides ultra low storage, low maintenance, reliable and is manageable system to keep the products safe for their desirable use.
Capacity : 3 to 15m³
Type : Ultra low storage  A
Temperature Range : -50 to-60℃
Refrigerant : R404a and mixture gas
Cooling Method : Forced air or water cooling
Controller : PLC+LED touch screen
Surrouding Temperature : ≤43℃
  • Available panel material colour plate salinization steel stainless steel embossing aluminium etc
  • Microprocessor-based temperature controller with two large LCD touch screen to display the working condition of the compressor fan valve anddefrosting system
  • Two independent alarm systems are installed to detect compressor fault highlow voltage exhaust system highlow temperature liquid return system sensor fault etc
  • Connected computer will display all working information
  • Temperature history and alarm data can be checked and printed
  • High quality efficient andlownoise full closedsemi-closed compressor is installed
  • Efficient air-cooled condenserwater chilling unit green refrigerant and low noise motor is incorporated
  • Eccentric connect type make the room body easy to assemble and connect densely
  • Inner evaporator is equipped with DL ceiling-stylealuminium-alloy-pipe-style air cooler
  • Automatic defrosting and can work under high temperature condition
  • Consist of two refrigeration units including a back-up unit
  • Body is made up of rigid polyurethane heat shield
Best used in laboratory, research, biological fluid banks, food industries and hotels.

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