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  • Conductivity Meter QMT-A200

Conductivity Meter QMT-A200

Our Laboquest Conductivity meter of an electrolyte solution use, is a measure of its ability to conduct electricity. It is linked with total dissolved solids (TDS) automatically to give clear and accurate range.
Rank : 1
Conductivity Range : 0.000 μ S/cm ~199.9mS/cm
TDS Range : (0.00mg/L ~1999)mg/L
Temperature Range : (0.0-60.0)℃
Conductivity Error : +1.0%(FS)
TDS Error : +1.0%(FS)
Temperature Error : ±0.3℃
  • LCD display
  • Displays clear conductivity temperature or TDS temperature simultaneously
  • Manually or automatic temperature compensation
Used in laboratories, industries, environment components, and scientific research institutes.

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