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  • Acid & Alkali Neutralization Device DND-A100

Acid & Alkali Neutralization Device DND-A100

We are trusted manufacturers of Acid & Alkali Neutralization Device. This device is a perfect combination which is competent to collection, neutralization and filtering acid mist during the process of digestion.
Intake port : Double-Channel
Exhaust volume : None
Alkali solution bottle : 1L
Distilled water bottle : 0.6L
Alkali concentration : 10%-25%
Operating Voltage : AC220V/50Hz
The pump power : None
Liquid waste : Yes
Dimensions : 330×310×320mm
  • This device is a sort of neutralization equipment
  • The lye distilled water absorption process ensures the high purity to the removal gas
  • Easy-use safety and reliability are the outstanding characters of this device
  • The device is convenient and easy in operation for users
  • The contact-area by gas liquid is large therefore it ensures high efficiency non-pollution discharge gas
  • Germany original pump with advantages including corrosion resistance to acid and alkali long service life
Acid & Alkali Neutralization Device is widely used in wastewater treatment  fertilizer industry filtering process etc

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