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  • Automatic digestion apparatus DDA-A100

Automatic digestion apparatus DDA-A100

We manufacture high quality Automatic digestion apparatus which sets reagent adding, heating digestion, catching acid, automatic constant volume, fast blending as a whole of sample pre-treatment system. It says goodbye to the monotonous, repetitive, tedious, dangerous sample digestion experience redefines the wet digestion process.
Heating temperature : RT-250℃
Control temperature accuracy : 0.1℃
Temperature difference between holes : 1℃ /when 150℃
Constant volume accuracy : ≤ 0.5%/when 150ml
Adding liquid accuracy : ≤ 0.5%/when ≥ 5ml
Blending effect : About 5 seconds/when 50ml( color spread evenly)
Quantity of tubes : Double set of independent structure
40 holes one set,20 holes one set : 1.6KW
Test-tube rack : 3 sets,20 holes/ set
Reagent channel : 8 channels
Distilled water channel : 1 channel
Waste liquid channel : 1 channel
Catch acid search-check function : Check cycle is set to 10 minutes at a time
Catch acid rehydration function : When the liquid is too small, rehydration 2ml/ one time
  • Constant volume accuracy is high with good Blending effect
  • Catch acid process is reliable
  • Equipped with two sets of independent heating module system
  • Mechanical arm three axis running--Save time improve efficiency
  • The ventilation system Free matching with closed fume hood system
  • Full automatic control software
  • High degree of corrosion resistance
Automatic digestion apparatus used for pretreatment of digestion process in agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, geology petroleum, chemical, food and other departments as well as universities, research departments of plants, seed, feed, soil, chemical analysis of ore samples.

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