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  • Flame Photometer LFP-A10

Flame Photometer LFP-A10

Labtron LFP-A10 is economical and ideal, designed to cover a varied measurement range of Potassium from 0-100 ug/mL and Sodium from 0-160 ug/mL. It covers a wide range of applications with an additional feature of pre-selection of flame size
Sample Uptake (mL/min)<6
Response Time (s)<8
K Measurement Range (ug/mL)0-15, 0-40
Na Measurement Range (ug/mL)0-40, 0-80
K Linearity Range (mmol/L)≤ 0.004
Na Linearity Range (mmol/L)≤ 0.008
K Linearity Error (mmol/L)≤ 0.005, (0.0100~0.0800)
Na Linearity Error (mmol/L)≤ 0.03 , (0.0500~0.400)
TypeWith air-compressor
RepeatabilityConduct 7 consecutive independent tests for one standard
solution, the relative standard deviation: ≤ 3%
StabilityTest once every minute, and test 6 times in total,
the biggest change in the relative volume: ≤ 15%.
Dimension (mm)380x770x570
Weight (kg)18
  • Dual channel to read K and Na testing simultaneously
  • Small quantity of sample required
  • Pre- opting of flame sizes
  • flameout protection device
  • LCD Display
Used for analyzing & measuring the content & concentration of K, Na elements. Testing cement, glass, ceramics, fertilizers and soil, mining, petroleum, chemical products, pharmaceutical, beverages, MSW testing, scientific research, health, education and other fields.

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