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  • Flash Point Tester QFP-A101

Flash Point Tester QFP-A101

We manufacture for the determination of the cQOSed-cup flash point tester of the petroleum products. The Automated Pensky-Martens Flash Point CQOSed-Cup Tester represents a perfect union of next-generation technology with traditional robust quality.

Type : Automatic, CQOSed-Cup Flash Point Tester
Igniting source : Gas (or other civilian fuels)
Gas flame diameter : 3.2mm~4.8mm
Ambient temperature humidity : (10~40)˚C
Flash point determination : Range: Ambient to 300˚C, Resolution: 0.1˚C
Heating rate : Procedure A: (5~6)˚C/min, Procedure B: (1~1.5)˚C/min
Power supply : AC (220±10%) V, 50Hz
Maximum power consumption : 500W
Packaging Dimension : 580×480×580mm
Gross weight : 35kg
Accessories : Oil cup, Power supply wire (250V 6A), Printer paper, Burning
  • Meeting ISO EN BS ASTM Standard with CE and ISO certificate
  • GBT 261-2008 Determination of Flash Point - Pensky-Martens cQOSed cup method
  • ASTM D93 Standard Test Methods for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens CQOSed Cup Tester
  • Light-touch colored LCD All parameters including preset flash temperature sample number atmospheric pressure and date can be set automatically
  • Automatically calculate the corrected flash point when the pressure differs from standard atmospheric pressure
  • Automatic control and manually adjustable of heating and stirring rate
  • Automatically open cover ignite detect and print result
  • Simulation tracking of temperature rising curve with time
  • Test date and time can be modified
  • 120 groups of data can be saved
  • Differential detection
  • Safe and easy to handle

It is used for flash point determination of biodiesel, distillate fuels, new and used lubricating oils, residual fuel oils, mixtures of petroleum liquids with solids, petroleum liquids that tend to form a surface film during testing.

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