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  • Flash Point Tester QFP-B100

Flash Point Tester QFP-B100

We at Laboquest manufacture Automatic Cleveland Open-Cup Flash Point Tester for the determination of the petroleum products. It represents a perfect union of next-generation technology with traditional robust quality.

Type : Automatic, Open-Cup Flash Point Tester
Igniting source : Electric ignition
Gas flame diameter : 3.2mm~4.8mm
Ambient temperature humidity : (10~40)˚C
Flash point determination : Range: Ambient to 400˚C; Repeatability: ≤8˚C;
Reproducibility: ≤17˚C; Accuracy:0.1˚C
Heating rate : In accordance with GB/T3536 and ASTM D92
Power supply : AC (220±10%) V, 50Hz
Maximum power consumption : 400W
Packaging Dimension : 650×600×580mm
Gross weight : 35kg
Accessories : Oil cup, Power supply wire (250V 6A), Printer paper, Igniter
  • Meeting ISO EN BS ASTM Standard with CE and ISO certificate
  • LCD display with colored touch screen
  • All parameters including preset flash temperature sample number atmospheric pressure and date can be set by prompt menu
  • Simulation tracking of temperature rising curve with time
  • Automatically open the lid detect the flash point and print test data
  • The capacity of 120 groups of data
  • Automatically open cover ignite detect and print result
  • Automatically calculate the corrected flash point when the pressure differs from standard atmospheric pressure
  • Safe and easy to operate

It is used to make determination of the open cup flash point of the petroleum products.

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