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  • Bench-Top T type LBFD-A51

Bench-Top T type LBFD-A51

Model of Labtron Bench-Top Freeze Dryer LBFD-A Series is portable and easy to operate. This device features CFC-free refrigeration, vacuum drying with low noise compressor for safe and noiseless functioning, corrosion resistant body that is configured strictly following ISO & CE standards.
Ice Holding Capacity : 3L/24h
Condenser Temperature : -80℃
Vacuum Degree : <10Pa
No. of Sealed Valves : 24 pieces for 24 ampoules
Cooling : Air, draughty, ambient temperature≤25℃
Dimensions of Base Unit : 565×420×(360+340)mm
Weight : 70Kg
Maximum Power Consumption : 970W
Voltage Supply : 110-220V,50/60 Hz
  • T- type designbr
  • Condenser features pre-freezing functionbr
  • Nitrogen valve and Communication interface optionalbr
  • Compact and easy to operatebr
  • Equipped with bell-capped transparent drying compartmentbr
  • Imported low noise compressor with LC displaybr
  • Features vacuum freeze drying technologybr
  • Stainless steel construction of condenser operation panel and shelvesbr
  • Speed of drying can be accelerated by using pre cooling shelf as draft tubebr
For laboratory or production use
Process Serum bottles, vials or manifold type containers
Used to freeze dry products such as plant material, organic tissue, waste products, and polymers
To implement an important stage of a product (such as concentration)
To improve storage life and improved marketing of the end product

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