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  • Large Scale Freeze Dryer LLFD-A12

Large Scale Freeze Dryer LLFD-A12

This product is specifically designed to meet the requirement of industries where large quantity or bulk samples needs to be freeze dried in single cycle. This machine has corrosion resistant stainless steel body along with programmable settings that can be recorded.
Ice Holding Capacity : 60 Kg/batch
Condenser Temperature : Min. ≤-70℃
Shelves : 4+1 ,100mm spacing
Material Capacity : 60L
Vacuum Degree : ≤10 Pa
Freeze-Drying Area : 4.4㎡
Bulk Capacity (L) : 60
Pre-Freeze Shelf Dimension : 915x1210 mm
Temperature of Shelf : -50~+70 ℃
Cooling : water cooling, 6m3/h, temp. <30℃
Defrosting : water soaking, 350 L/ batch, temp. 50℃
Vials CapacityΦ22mm : 8000
Vials Capacity Φ16mm : 15000
Vials Capacity Φ12mm : 28000
Dimensions of Base Unit : 3600 x1300 x2800 mm
Weight : 3500Kg
Voltage Supply : 380V, 50Hz
  • Compliant with PLC control standardbr
  • Pre-freeze and drying processes are completed on shelfbr
  • 32 groups program can be stored and each program can be set up 36 segmentsbr
  • Graphic LC display with a clear layout showing the drying curvesbr
  • CIP system is optionalbr
  • Data recorded automatically and output can be done by USB flash diskbr
  • Silicon oil fills hollow shelves with most uniform shelf temperature consistent and repeatable dryingbr
  • Condenser separated from drying chamber better water capture capability and shorter drying timebr
  • Stainless steel construction of condenser operation panel and shelvesbr
Typical applications include pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biological and delicate materials

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