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  • - 60˚C ULT Upright Freezer DUR-B100

- 60˚C ULT Upright Freezer DUR-B100

Labdex ultra low freezer offers CFC free refrigerant with microprocessor controller. It is relevant for scientific research, ultra-low temperature experiments for special material such as, blood plasma storage, biomaterial, biological products, and military products. Refrigeration with single cascade compressor refrigeration unit.
Capacity : 50 L
Temperature Range : -25˚C~-60˚C
Cooling Temperature : - 60˚C (Ambient Temperature: 32˚C)
Refrigerant : HFC
Insulation Layers : PU whole foamed
Internal material : Stainless steel
External material : Color sprayed steel
Shelves : 1 layer, adjustable, Stainless steel
Outdoor : 1
Inner door : 1
Lock : 1
Test Hole : 1, diameter: 18 mm
Compressor : 1( all enclosed)
Alarm system : Temperature higher/lower alarm, filter inspection alarm,
ambient temperature alarm
Power Supply : 220V/ 50Hz
Power Consumption : 450 W
External size (WxDxH) : 540x620x1115 mm
Internal size (WxDxH) : 361x429x406 mm
Net weight : 75 kg
Accessories : Keys
  • Temperature Range -25 to -60
  • Microprocessor temperature controller
  • Large screen digital display
  • Platinum resistant temperature sensor
  • Operation parameters display
  • Real time monitoring function
  • Imported compressor
  • Low noise CFC free refrigerant
  • Extensive voltage range
  • Safety door lock system
  • Single cascade refrigeration system
  • High or low temperature alarm sensor faiDURe alarm
  • Double sealing design ensure good thermal insulation
It is suitable for research institutes, special low temperature material labs, blood stations, hospitals, health immune systems, military enterprises, electronic industries, piscatorial industries and other areas.

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