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  • Walk-in Fume Hood QFH-B101

Walk-in Fume Hood QFH-B101

Our Walk-in fume hood supply exhaust system for large laboratory instruments and equipment. Meanwhile, operators can walk into the fume hood to operate the equipment conveniently and directly.

Accessories : Standard Accessory: Blower( External) x 1 ,Fluorescent lamp
x 1, Water tap x 1, Gas tap x 1, PP cup sink x 1, Remote
control water valve x 1, Remote control gas valve x 1,
Waterproof sockets x 4 (≤500W), 300mm PVC Duct x 1
Inflow Air Velocity : ≥0.4m/s
External size (WxDxH) : 1500x850x2200mm
Internal size (WxDxH) : 1300x650x1500mm
Max Opening : 1150mm
Exhaust Airflow Volume : 1500m3/h
Noise : 62dB
Front window : Manual, Toughened glass , Anti UV
Vibration : ≤4μm
Illumination : ≥800Lux
Fluorescent Lamp : 28Wx2
Power Supply : 220V±10%, 60/50Hz;110V±10%, 60Hz
Power Consumption : 500W
Package Size(WxDxH) : 1710x1050x2430mm
Exhaust Blower : 970x810x580mm
  • Water amp Gas Tap
  • Water amp Gas Remote Control Valve
  • Large room exhaust system suitable for large laboratory instruments and equipment
  • Exterior 12mm cold-rolled steel with bacteria powder coating
  • Interior High grade melamine board with good acid and alkali resistance function
  • A highly stable system with low maintenance requirements

It is widely used in areas of Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals, Education Institutions, R & D centers, Petroleum & Petrochemical Plants, and Other Industrial Projects.

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