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  • Tube furnace LTF-B11

Tube furnace LTF-B11

Model of Labtron LTF-B Series provides superior quality tube furnace which is ergonomically designed for easy operation and optimum insulation. These equipment features latest PID controller to ensure precise temperature control, along with durable heating resistors that guarantee uniform heating of the furnace up to 1200°C and low energy consumption. These furnaces are available with a wide dimension range.
Type : Extended
Program Memories : 4
Heating Program : 4 stage
Maximum Temperature : 1200°C
Working Temperature : 1150°C
Heated Length (mm) : 250 mm
Thermal Rate : 3°C/min-20°C/min
Temp. Accuracy : ±1°C
Amperage (Imax) : 0.20833333333333
Dimension : 20x250 mm
Maximum Power : 1000 W
Power Supply : 220V / 50Hz
  • Auto start at the set date year-month-day-time
  • Offset calibration via menu
  • PID controlled software and synchronized hardware
  • 4 line wide LCD display and user friendly operation
  • Audio warnings at the end of each step and at the end of the whole heating program
  • Total heating time and average working temperature are displayed
  • Date and time settings available
  • Microprocessor automatically cuts power to the heating elements and alerts if the control unit control card is overheated or if the furnace is heated above the maximum heating temperature
  • Temperature calibration correction via menu
  • Waiting levels provided
In material research industry they are used for testing novel materials under strict temperature and varying atmosphere conditions. In the electronics industry they are used for testing electronic components and semiconductor materials under inert atmospheres or vacuum. They are also used for testing temperature sensors such as thermocouples and PT100, which may require enhanced thermal uniformity.

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