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  • COD thermostatic heater DTH-A101

COD thermostatic heater DTH-A101

We are trusted manufacturers of COD thermostatic heater which is mainly used for determination of COD in water by working on the heating reflux method; the parameter index of determination which figured out by the COD thermostatic heater is completely corresponding to classical methods.
Samples holes : 20
Heating module material : Aluminum Alloy
Design temperature : RT--200℃
Temperature control : LCD/±1℃
Timing range : 0—99 hours
Operating Voltage : AC220V/50Hz
Heating power : 2.5kW
Standard configuration : Heating reflux tube 20 sets, test tubes stand one set,
explosion proof zeolite one bag
  • The instrument is able to allow the COD analytical work efficient and convenient economical and reliable
  • Energy saving and improving the working environment
  • plate with excellent characters such as thermal conductivity high temperature uniformity on plate surface large effective area of heating and fast heating-up
  • Continuous adjustable furnace hole temperature high speed of heating-up wide application range
  • Small temperature difference between the holes sample digestion all in good consistency high thermal efficiency and conducive to sample digestion
  • Adopting LCD temperature control device
It has already been widely used in the following areas, including environmental protection, drinking water, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, health and epidemic prevention, water supply and drainage, research institutes and other industries.

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