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  • Digital Multi position Mantle QMM-C204

Digital Multi position Mantle QMM-C204

QMM-C2 series are analog heating mantles with 6 positions. They are available in 4 different sizes and different diameter size, it is here to serve in laboratories.

Capacity : 1000ml
Position : 6
Temp. accuracy : ±5℃
Temperature control : PID and Inner and Outer Thermocouple
Temperature range : ambient to 380°C
Insulating material : Environmental Alumina Silicate Fiber
Insulating barrier material : Alkali-free glass fiber. Max Temperature Resistance 450°C
Outer thermo. : panel
Inner thermo. : Control and measure the temperature
Power : 530W
  • They are available with six positions and can be used at the same time for heating and stirring
  • Built in temperature control to maintain from ambient temperature to 400degC
  • The accuracy with the heating mantle is 5degC

These are basically used in stirring and maintaining temperatures. They are widely used organic and inorganic chemistry laboratories.

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