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  • Analog Heating Mantles QHM-A100

Analog Heating Mantles QHM-A100

This particular mantle has a capacity of 100ml with a temperature ambient of 380°C
Capacity : 100ml
Temp. accuracy : ±5℃
Temperature control : PID
Insulating material : Environmental Alumina Silicate Fiber
Insulating barrier material : Alkali-free glass fiber. Max Temperature Resistance 450°C
Voltage : 160-240V, 110-120V
Power : 130W
  • They come in various capacity to fit the need for different usage
  • It comes with a analog model with an easy knob and easy handle to move around
  • Especially designed for round bottom flasks with a holder which can hold the flask at the mouth of itbr

It is an excellent alternative to heating baths which are regularly used in laboratory and chemical environment.

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