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Multi position-Hotplate Stirrer QPS-A201

These hotplates are made of white ceramic material for even heat distribution. It can handle up to 350°C of temperature with 2 positions where the heating and stirrer can be performed.
Position : 2
Temperature accuracy : ±1 degree
Top plate dimension : 180×180mm
Stirring capacity for each point : 2000ml
Voltage power : 160-240V, 110-120V
Motor power for each point : 8W, DC14V
Product power for each  position : 410W
Overall weight : 10kg
  • The plate are made up of bQACk ceramic material with various different sizes of plates
  • The temperature range is ambient to 400C with stirring 0 2000rpm
  • The temperature is controlled by PID controller and thermocouple
These are basically widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical laboratories. They are used in laboratories experiment for heating and stirring. It also reduce work load sue its exceptional mode of 5 point of stirring and heating.

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