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  • Handheld Homogenizer DHH-A100

Handheld Homogenizer DHH-A100

The handheld homogenizer is smart hand held instrument for fast organization homogeneous, separation and emulsification.
Speed range : 8000rpm ~ 35000rpm (1krpm increment)
Rotor line speed : 6.3m/sec ~ 14m/sec
Working noise : 72dB
Net weight : 0.7kg
Dimensions : 46×55×230mm
Motor input / output : 160W / 110W
Power supply : AC 220V, 50Hz
  • Designed smart and light Can operate using one hand
  • Speed adjustable digital display speed Speed precisely controlled to avoid splashing
  • Suitable for homogenous dispersion of a small amount of sample in small container
  • High quality stainless steel dispersing head anti-corrosion high temperature resistance for disinfecting
  • Easy to take off the dispersing head for cleaning
  • High speed and high efficiency motor with long life
  • Optional H-type stand height and angle can be adjusted convenient to take and store
It is applied in various territories such as bio-pharmaceuticals, gene research, organization broken, cell slurrying, clinicopathologic analysis, emulsions, nanometer materials scattering, polymerization reaction, cosmetics, ink & paint, fine chemical engineering, pesticide, prospection, environmental protection, energy sources, etc.

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