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  • Mini Handheld Homogenizer DHH-B100

Mini Handheld Homogenizer DHH-B100

We are trusted suppliers of good quality and user friendly lab equipments. The mini homogenizer LHH-B100 is a hand-held designed homogenizer. It is smart and light, with removable and reusable pestle, and easy to operate.
Speed range18000rpm
Working noise60dB
Net weight0.4kg
Power supplyAC 220V, 50Hz
  • Light and easy to operate
  • Adjustable speed providing broad scope of application
  • Efficient and effective micro-DC motor is used for grinding trace tissues
  • Grinding pestle is light and reusable suitable for various sterile ways convenient to be dismantled
Suitable for grinding various plant tissue sample such as root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, seed, etc. Suitable for grinding various animal tissue sample such as cerebrum, heart, lung, stomach, liver, thymus, kidney, intestine, lymph nodules, muscle, skeleton, etc. Suitable for homogenate.

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