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  • Thermostatic Shaking Incubator QTS-A102

Thermostatic Shaking Incubator QTS-A102

Our Thermostatic Shaker Incubator QTS-A102 has rotatory shaking mode, PID controller, has large LCD display, CFC free refrigerant and multiple capacity range. It has a rotatory speed of 30~400 rpm.
Display : LCD
Maximum capacity : 100ml x 25 or 250ml x16 or 500ml x 9 or 1000ml x 9 or 2000ml
x 5
Temperature range : 4 ~ 60 ˚C
Refrigerant : CFC free, R134a
Cooling consumption : 118 W
Controller : PID
Circulation mode : Forced convection
Shaking mode : Rotatory shaking
Rotation speed : 30~400 rpm
Rotation accuracy : ±1 rpm
Vibration range : ø25 mm
Timing range : 0~ 500 hours
Power supply : AC110/220V±10% , 50/60Hz
Temperature uniformity : ±0.25˚C
Temperature accuracy : ±1˚C
Heating consumption : 400 W
Shaking Plate size : 420 x 400 mm
Power consumption : 580 W
Packing size (WxDxH) : 800 x 840 x 710 mm
Gross weight : 130 kg
Standard Capacity : 50ml x 5, 100ml x 5, 250ml x 4, 500ml x 3
External size(WxDxH) : 700 x 740 x 560 mm
  • Microprocessor PID controller
  • Soft shaking mode unishaft drive
  • Stable and safe to operate
  • Stores memory and recover parameters
  • Large easy to read LCD display with back light can display both setting and measured parameters
  • Large strengthen glass window help to examine working condition
  • Equipped with latest design reliable open and cQOSe tank cover internal mirror stainless steel and external ABS material
  • Functionally avoid inconvenient operation
  • Audio and visual alarm for over-temperature alarm for over-speed independent over-temperature protector shut-down protection for door opening leakage or over-current protection
  • Optional accessories include UV lamp humidity controller inlet air pipe light system etc
It is used in cell culture, cell aeration, microbiology, increasing solubility rates, metabolism studies, bacterial cultures, and bacteriology.

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