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Graphite digester LKGD-A10

We manufacture high quality Graphite Digester that includes latest technology for quick, efficient rapid digestion and is easy to operate
Sample Capacity : 20pcs/batch
Digestion Tube Capacity : 280ml 
Capacity per batch : 20 pcs/batch
Temperature Accuracy : ±1℃
Room Temperature : (+)5-450℃
Power Supply : 220V AC±10%; 50Hz
Power : 3600W
Net Weight : 25Kg
Dimension : 474mmX509mmX636mm
  • Offer protection against over-current high temperature and overloading
  • Can pre-treat for microwave digestion or can remove acid after digestion
  • 57 coloured screen for better understanding
  • Offers 20 digestion programs and 20 positions
  • Curve and linear temperature rising mode are available
  • Ensures anti-oxidation processing and uniform heating
  • Advanced insulation technology used is eco-friendly and consumes low energy
  • Corrosion-resistant design with waste gas collection hood attached to it
  • Heating method used is Infrared heating and high-purity graphite conduction
  • Unique air duct insulation technologyis used
  • Comprises of high-quality anticorrosive pumps
It is widely used in food processing, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, pharmaceutical and R&D to test nitrogen or protein content in the sample.

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