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Kjeldahl Analyzer LKA-A10

Our model Kjeldahl Analyzer LKA-A10 is an automatic device combining distillation and titration functions, designed keeping in mind the classic Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method. Featuring latest core control system, powerful automation and high-quality component makes it easy to operate and tests.
Sample Capacity : For Solid ≤5g/sample; For liquid ≤20mL/sample
Water Consumption in the Distillation Process : 1.5L/min
Measuring Range : 0.1mg - 200mg N
Recovery : ≥ 99.5%
Cooling Water Temperature : less than 20°C
Ambient Temperature : 10°C~28°C
Analysis Time : 5 - 10min/sample
Burette Volume : 1.0µl/step
Reproducibility : Average value relative error ±0.5%
Storage Capacity : 1000 pieces
Interface : USB or RS485
Power Supply : 220V 50Hz
Power : 2KW
  • Designed with linear motor micro-control titration system which ensures accurate results
  • In-built high-sensibility colour sensing unit ensures error-free determination
  • Titration precision is 10Lstep
  • Fully automatic operations include distillation titration calculation printing waste discharge and cleaning
  • Quick and user friendly
  • Provide protection against failure self-detection condensed water shortage displacement of safety door and nitrogen tube
  • Controlled steam flow for different test requirements
  • Provision to detect reagent level
  • Equipped with large LCD touch screen which displays working status
  • Optional USB or RS485 interface is optional for PC connection
It is widely used in food processing, tobacco, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, research, to test nitrogen or protein content in the sample.

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