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Semi-automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer LKA-A20

We manufacture good quality Kjeldahl Analyzer that adopts globally approved Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method to analyze nitrogen content of the sample. The advanced technology design of this product makes it fast, reliable to obtain accurate results.
Sample CapacityFor Solid ≤5g/sample; For liquid ≤20mL/sample
Water Consumption in the Distillation Process1.5L/min
Measuring Range0.1-240mg N
Recovery≥ 99.5%
Distilling Speed< 5 min/sample
Distilling Time Free Settingwithin 1 hour
Power SupplyAC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight30Kg
  • Equipped with 51 inches high-resolution LCD screen
  • Optional manualautomatic mode available
  • Auto quantification and insertion of alkali liquid and boric solution
  • Auto alarm on completion of the process
  • Auto-cleaning of control system and distiller ensures measurement accuracy
  • Protection against over-temperature and over- pressure
  • Latest design with surface nitrogen tube ensures safety and easy movement of the equipment
  • Emergency shutdown of operation in case of any accident
  • Can automatically detect error and consist of audible and visual alarm system
  • Comprises of automatic cooling water control system
It is widely used in food processing, tobacco, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, research, to test nitrogen or protein content in the sample.

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