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  • Reciprocal Shaker LRS-A20

Reciprocal Shaker LRS-A20

Our model of Reciprocal Shaker LRS-A Series is designed for shaking, mixing and aeration applications. It is compact with micro-computer control technology. It features adjustable speed control that provides gentle to vigorous agitation. The low noise and stable operation makes it suitable for use in different laboratories like molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, chemistry, etc.
Maximum Load Capacity : 3Kg
Shaking Speed Range : 0-200rpm
Platform Dimension : 240x240mm
Shaking Orbit : 20mm
Shaking Motion : Reciprocal
Display : Analog
Timer Range : None
Temperature Range : 5-40°C
Operation : Continuous
Overall Dimension : 330x270x110mm
Weight : 3.1Kg
Power : 30W
Power Supply : 240V, 60Hz
  • Compact space-saving design fits easily in incubator and refrigerator
  • Simultaneous display of speed timer and operating mode
  • Electronic time switching clock controls time or continuous operation mode
  • Brushless DC motor ensures maintenance-free reliable and quiet operation
  • Over speed detection and protection
  • Accommodate a variety of platforms non-slip rubber mat conical flasks and other sample containers
  • RS232 interface enables data logging amp computer control
It is suitable for cell culturing and mixing inmicrobiology, chemistry, immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biopharmaceutical and biomedical laboratories.

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