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  • See Saw Rocking Shaker LSSR-A20

See Saw Rocking Shaker LSSR-A20

Our model of See Saw Rockers LSSR-A Series utilizes a see saw or wave action, where the platform rocks on a central point. With smaller footprint, but high driving force, more platforms can be added by stacking two more platforms to accommodate more samples.These rockers are suitable for mixing various flat bottles, such as culture flasks, Petri dishes etc.
Maximum Load Capacity : 10Kg
Shaking Speed Range : 10-70rpm
Shaking Motion : See Saw
Display : LCD
Timer Range : 1-1199min
Tilt Angle :
Temperature Range : 5-40°C
Humidity : 80 %RH
Operation : Continuous/Timed
Overall Dimension : 410×360×200mm
Weight : 9Kg
Power : 50W
Power Supply : 240V, 60Hz
  • Smooth see-saw rocking motion
  • LCD digital display for speed and timer function
  • Continuous or timed operation
  • Simultaneous display of speed and time
  • Brushless DC motor that provides maintenance-free reliable and quiet operation
  • Universal platform with anti-slip mat prevents slipping
  • Accommodate a variety of platforms non-slip rubber mat conical flasks and other sample containers
Our product See Saw Rockers is suitable for rocking and mixing applications like gel staining and de-staining, hybridization experiments, immune precipitation and western blots, etc.

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