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  • Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate DMS-A103

Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate DMS-A103

The heating plate of the digital magnetic stirrer hot plate series is made of special Ceramic.
Speed range : 0~1800rpm
Time range : Continuous
Stirring Point Quantity : 1 point
Max. stir capacity : 20L (H2O)
Max. size of stirrer stick : 80mm
External Interface temp. sensor : NO
Platform size : 154×163mm
Platform material : Stainless pad
Net weight : 2.6kg
Dimensions : 156×270×70mm
Fuse : 250V, 1A, ϕ5×20
Power : 30W
Power supply : AC 100~230V, 50/60Hz
  • Metal plate shell firm and durable thermostability and anti-corrosion
  • Special heating technique the heating plate can reach temperature up to 340C
  • PID for temperature control Two display windows High precision measurement Single button operation Inner and outer thermocouple for thermometry Silicon controlled for output With couple broken protection function
  • Available for heating and stirring standardnon-standard reaction flasks from 50mL to 1000mL
  • DC brushless motor makes stable operation low noise long using life and no spark
  • The heating plate is made of special Ceramic which is easy for use and cleaning
  • The control panel designed 30 slopes for convenient operation
  • Magnetic stirring technology Low speed but stable high speed but powerful
Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate is convenient for various heating and stirring experimental needs.

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