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  • Microplate Reader LMPR-A11

Microplate Reader LMPR-A11

This model features 96-well multimode and bichromatic multi-channel optical system. It offers high throughput with 3 shaking modes, fast reading speed of 5 seconds and malfunction alarm system. Different detection modes like comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data-evaluation functions with cut-offs, curve-fits and transformation formulas are available. It is a primary device in the area of drug detection and life science research, bioassay testing and quality control pharmaceutical processes.
Plate Type96-well plate (U, V or flat bottom plate)
Wavelength Range400-750nm
Filter Wavelength405, 450, 492, 630nm
Wavelength Accuracy<2nm
Wavelength Precision±0.03A
Wavelength Resolution0.001 (OD)Abs
Wavelength Linearity<2%
Wavelength Repeatability<0.5% at 2.0 OD
Wavelength Stability<0.005Abs/10min
Spectral Bandwidth8nm±2nm
Reading Speed6s single wavelength, 10s double wavelength
Reading Range0.001-3.500 Abs
Measurement System8 Channel Optical System
Measurement Range0.001-2.500 Abs
Measurement Speed6-10 sec for 96 well plate
Photometric Range0.000-3.500Abs
Photometric Accuracy<1% or ± 0.001Abs
Photometric Repeatability<1%
Temp. Range0-55°C
Humidity Range≤85%
ShakingLinear (slow, medium and high mode)
Light SourceQuartz Halogen Lamp (12V, 20W)
Light Source LifeLess than 2000 h
Detection MethodAbsorbance
Detection ModesComprehensive Qualitative and Quantitative Data-Evaluation
with Cut-Offs, Curve-Fits and Transformation Formulas
Programs42 user programs
Overall Dimension318x286x168 mm
Power Supply240 V, 60 Hz
Weight (Net/Gross)7/9 kg
  • 8-channel optical measuring system
  • U V or flat bottom plate type
  • Single and dual wavelength detection
  • Four free positions for additional filters
  • Input through touch screen panel
  • Linear shaking function at variable speed with three modes slow medium and high
  • Automatic motorized plate-access door for plate loading and retrieving
  • Easy to install additional detection filters
  • Self-diagnosing and self-calibrating capabilities
  • LCD light source with lifespan over 2000 hours
  • On-board software can store 42 user programmable protocols
  • Can store minimum 50 assay protocols
  • Can store up to 2500 results
  • RS232 Interface
Labtron Microplate Reader is an essential instrument in drug discovery and life science research, bioassay testing and quality control in pharmaceutical processes.

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