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  • 3D Rotating Mixer DRM-A101

3D Rotating Mixer DRM-A101

The new series of three-dimensional rotating mixer is a uniquely designed instrument which can mix samples by horizon, vertical or any angled rotation with a variety of sample tubes.
Speed Range : 18rpm
Net Weight : 1kg
Dimensions : 240 x 145 x 210mm
Power : 4W
Power supply : AC 220V / 110V, 50/60Hz
  • Unique combination of adjustable rotating frame
  • A variety of rotation modes from mild type to somersault type rotation mode
  • DRM-A102 with reciprocating oscillation function from 20angel to 99angle
  • DRM-A101 positive and negative rotation just gently press the rotating frame when instrument is working
  • Widely used in molecular biology histo-chemistry bio-chemistry clinical applications etc
  • Provides three types of rotating frame
This is widely used in molecular hybridization, and also blood and various other samples which requires.

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