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  • High Precision Moisture Analyzer QMA-A101

High Precision Moisture Analyzer QMA-A101

Laboquest high precision moisture analyzer is meant to determine the moisture content in different samples. This series has been equipped with percentage solid and moisture determination with the readability of 0.001 grams.
Maximum capacity : 50g/100g
Readability : 0.001g
Plate size : Ǿ 100 mm
Power : AC110V/230V+10%
Outer size : 285×160×150 mm
Net weight : 3.5 kg
Heating temperature : 50℃-160℃(stepping is 160℃)
Heating time : 1 – 99 minutes (stepping is 10 s.)
Packing size : 490×350×390 mm
  • Readability range 0001 grams
  • Weighing capacity 50g100g
  • Full range tare overload protection
  • Has Percentage Moisture Determination
  • Equipped with Percentage Solid Determination
  • Enriched with RS232C Interface
  • Heating time and temperature set by user or predefined
  • High precision heat insulation type sensor
Used in a laboratory, institutes, research department, in a food processing industry and preparation environment.

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