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  • High Precision Moisture Analyzer QMA-A102

High Precision Moisture Analyzer QMA-A102

This series of moisture analyzer is a laboratory measuring instrument equipped with computer interface, overload protection, and determine the moisture and solid percentage of a sample material. It has a readability range of 0.005 grams.
Maximum capacity : 50g/100g
Readability : 0.005g
Plate size : Ǿ 100 mm
Power : AC110V/230V+10%
Outer size : 285×160×150 mm
Net weight : 3.5 kg
Heating temperature : 50℃-160℃(stepping is 160℃)
Heating time : 1 – 99 minutes (stepping is 10 s.)
Packing size : 490×350×390 mm
  • Readability range 0005 grams
  • Weighing capacity 50g100g
  • Full range tare overload protection
  • Has Percentage Moisture Determination
  • Equipped with Percentage Solid Determination
  • Enriched with RS232C Interface
  • Heating time and temperature set by user or predefined
  • High precision heat insulation type sensor
Widely used in the field of laboratory, institutes, research department, and in a food processing industry.

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