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  • Analog Stirring Oil bath QOB-A103

Analog Stirring Oil bath QOB-A103

Oil bath are versatile, they can be used as water bath also. The design is sturdy and well-built with ambient temperature till 260°C for oil and 99°C for water.

Temperature controlPID
Voltage223 ~240 V,50/60Hz
Temperature accuracy±5°C
Packing dimensions550 × 380 × 355mm
Motor power40W, DC20V
Overall dimensions500 × 330 × 305mm
Pot dimensionΦ310 × 150
Pot materialStainless Steel(double)
Max. stirring quantity10L
Stir speed0 ~ 2500rpm
Stir displayLED display
  • The entire equipment is sturdy and well designed in order to support it the legs are strong and slip proofbr
  • The bath container is Teflon coated from inside and two layers of steel from outsidebr
  • It is equipped with clamp to hold on to any thermometer or stirrer if requiredbr
  • The control panel has two knob for controlling the heat and stirringbr
  • It is ambient to 260degC for oil bath and 0 99degC for water bathp

Oil bath are low cost options as a heating tool in laboratories, pharmaceutical or any petroleum industries. They generally find their application in oxidation stability test on oils, greases etc. or any tests which requires high temperature control with high thermal efficiency.

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